The wheels squealed as the carriages began to turn off the road.  At last!  After four days of weary travel they were finally at the gates of the new Dancers' Hall in Illia.

Tiera peered through the carriage window but it was too small to allow a glimpse of the building straight ahead.  She was glad, though, to see that they were driving through a beautiful garden, with lawns and trees. But now the carriages were scrunching to a halt, and she could see a surprising number of people waiting.  There were Tama and Beata, of course - she knew they'd be there, but even as she was opening the carriage door, she recognised Lord Felsal and Lady Bethna, with little Ildon holding her hand and jumping up and down, and behind them a whole crowd of people she'd never seen before.

It was Lord Felsal himself who stepped forward to help the young dancers down as, one by one, they clambered stiffly down the steps.

"Welcome, my dear young people," he said, "I hope you will be very happy in Illia."

But now Tama was by his side, hugging each of the travellers as they climbed out of the two coaches: Dilla and Frol, who ran immediately into the arms of Beata, then Tiera, Nerron, Milon, Verla,  Zoran, Lenna and finally Crissa.

"Crissa!" exclaimed Tama, "You weren't among those chosen to come to Illia."

"No, but Muria said I could come," Crissa replied, and Tiera thought she detected a hint of smugness in her voice.

"Oh dear", thought Tiera, "that's not a good beginning!"

Tiera and a few of the other Dancers have moved to Illia to set up a new Dancers' Hall, but things are not at all easy.  Some of the local people don't like the Dancers and try to make difficulties for them, even though Lord Felsal, the ruler of Illia, invited them to start a new Hall there. But this changes when there is a major epidemic and the Dancers help to heal many sick people.

Tiera's magical powers increase and help her to find her sister, Dilla, when she goes missing.

She also discovers that she can communicate with Muria and other people hundreds of miles away.

And of course she still sees and talks to the forest beings: Lady Titania, the Green Lord and the birds and animals. That's not all, of course.  Even I don't know everything that's going to happen in the second book!  Sometimes I'm quite surprised at the way a story unfolds, so I will have to wait until DREAMDANCER is finished and so will you.