KATE CROZIER is actually a pen-name. My real name is ISHVARA D'ANGELO but I wanted to use a different name for writing fiction because I actually feel like a different person when I'm writing stories.

My earlier books are all non-fiction, most of them are about aromatherapy and one is about Angels, who I paint when I'm not writing.  I'm proud of them, but writing them wasn't nearly as much fun, nor as exciting as writing stories.  I get really involved with the people and what happens to them and I'm quite sorry to get to the end of a story because it feels like saying goodbye to old friends.

Well, it's a good reason for writing another book about the same people.

I haven't always been a writer.  I've done a lot of other things including teaching ballet and practising aromatherapy, but what I've always wanted to do, since I was about 10 years old, was to be an artist and these days I divide my time between writing and painting.

As well as doing lots of different things, I've lived in quite a few different places.  I grew up in London, then I lived in Paris for several years.  Back in London I got married  and had four children - so there was not much time for painting!  And I hadn't even thought about writing then - that came later, when I was an aromatherapist and wrote a book about it.  I lived in Suffolk for a while but now I'm very happily settled in Devon, where I live in a flat that was once part of a Victorian school.

Sometimes I imagine I can hear the pupils who went to school here a hundred years ago, whispering and giggling.  Maybe it was they who gave me the idea of writing a book for children?

I've got 12 grandchildren so I think I have a fairly good idea of what young people like to read but the truth is that I love reading books that are meant for children and teenagers myself!  Some of my grandchildren were among the young "testers" who read "Dawndancer" before it was published but they had no idea that "Kate Crozier" was actually Grandma, so I guess their reports were unbiased!

My plans?  To get on with writing another book about Tiera and her friends, and paint lots more pictures.To find out more about my non-fiction books, click here.